Vintage Potential Sale!

Hey everybody! I hope you’re having a great Friday so far. Head on over to to make it even better! From Pyrex to an old pie cabinet, Vintage Potential has all you need for your weekly vintage fix.




Thank you so much for all of your support as my vintage business grows! Keep checking back every Friday for a new sale. Follow this blog today, and you will receive weekly reminders of new sales and my current photography projects. TGIF!


Vintage Potential Sale!

Happy Friday! Visit to see this week’s great items up for grabs! This gorgeous waterfall vanity, mid-century modern furniture, and milk glass are just a few of the fabulous items for sale. As always, I greatly appreciate your continued visits and your business. Please visit the site for all of the details about my business Vintage Potential. I look forward to finding your next vintage treasure!



Friday = Vintage Luv!

If it’s Friday, then you know it’s time to head on over to to see my latest items in the Vintage Potential sale! This week’s sale includes an antique washstand, milk glass, ice cream glasses…wait a minute…the longer you read this, the faster somebody else might get to your vintage treasure! The sale is first come, first served. So hurry on over to Please see the website for all of the details. Have a great weekend!